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While many project management Apps have focus on enabling collaboration between team members and task management, Prommpt goes further to make it possible to create an entire, personalised and mobile project management environment on your iPad. Prommpt is a comprehensive suite of finely honed and integrated tools covering various project dimensions necessary to keep a sound oversight of the project performance. Key elements are the tracking of deliverables, people utilisation, cost and budgets, event logging and diagnostic tools. One of the key benefits of Prommpt is that all data entered can be synchronised between many different participants, which makes it easy to work with locally dispersed teams on multiple projects. The ability to group projects in an unlimited amount of portfolios allows you to receive instantaneous information on for example projects within a sector, country, organisation, department, client group or any other allocation you might be interested in.

Prommpt enables teams or individuals to thoroughly plan, manage and monitor projects across a sound project management skill-set by putting the focus on where it is needed. Prommpt merges the data that is collected and distilled into effective, stylish graphics, which give the user the ability to discern the status of any aspect of a project at a glance. The immediate feedback on the status of the projects and portfolios further enhance communication with the team or clients. Prommpt also has the ability to generate clear, intelligent project reports in pdf format which can shared via email and translate well into presentation slides for clients and other stakeholders.

Prommpt benchmarks all modules against a best practice and is expertly coaching you towards overall optimum project management performance. With Prommpt on your tablet, there will be a noticeable reduction in the need for complex, extensive and tedious spread sheets, which enables project managers who are on-the-go to conveniently and quickly access and share a wide variety of important project information from the convenience of their iPads.