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The health check is a support tool that allows you to make an assessment based the user’s appreciation of the current status. The health check returns a percentage score that indicates the maturity of planning across the various project dimensions.  Normally a project starts with a relatively low score, which will grow as the planning and project matures.

The health check is also a useful tool for the project planning process because it guides you through the important project dimensions that need to be addressed in time and helps you to focus on elements that require additional attention.

The project health area provides with the folloing instruments:

  • Questionnaire: The questionnaire asks you five questions per management dimension that you can answer by using a slider from 0 (not at all addressed) to 100 (fully covered). The assessment is depending on personal perception and thus varies from project manager to project manager.
  • Chart: The results of the questionnaire are presented graphically in form of a pie chart. This give the user instant feedback on areas that are well planned and mature and those which require some further detailing and attendance.
  • Health indicator: The health indicator is the combined percentage health of your project across all dimensions. It gives comparable indication of the maturity of projects in both the project list and portfolio list. For the percentage health of portfolios, the indicator displays the average health across all projects linked to the portfolio.
  • Time line: If you are interested in how the health of the project has developed over time, you can tap here to expand the timeline. The timeline is a chart plotting the health scores over the past review dates. Prommpt has an auto-save feature and to be able to create a timeline, it is advised to create a new date stamp by taping the diskette icon before making the new assessment.