The Project Collaboration Platform.

Prommpt is the most effective Project Management App for Teams available.
The Prommpt Project Management App and Platform is suited for individual Project Managers,
as well as large Project Management Teams.

Prommpt collaborative Project Management is free to test. You can Sign-Up to a three month trial here or directly in the App!

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All your project portfolio and individual project information managed, in one easy to use App – on iPad.

Secure Collaboration

Securely collaborate across company and stakeholder borders

Manage budgets

Control and manage expenditures across your entire project

Manage Key-Experts

Manage all key personnel attached to your project

Manage time

See and adjust all time sensitive tasks and manage time budgets

Synchronize tasks

Ensure all participants are in synch on all that matters in your project

Manage risk

Get early warnings and reduce risks through clear interactive rerporting

Our Mission: Stop Projects from Failing.

#startcollaborating #stopfailing #prommpt

Companies risk $135 million for every $1 billion spent on a project due to #collaboration deficits. (PMI)

Managing a project has never been so effective.

What's Prommpt?

Prommpt is a collaborative Project Management and Planning tool, covering all aspects of collaboration and control in projects – suitable for Building, Construction, Production, IT in any project in any project organisation. #newwork #collaboration

Why Prommpt

Beause Prommpt gets rid of the frustration in collaborative project management. Built by Projectmanagers fed up with the tools-of-the-trade. Created to #startcollaboration and stop projects from failing.


Core Features

PM-Office: Unlimited projects

Add any project to your account. No limits on users, projects or project portfolio size. “add-and-go”

Create portfolio views

Master the art of monitoring across multiple projects by grouping projects into portfolio views

Unique collaboration model

Granular collaboration model for project stakeholders in cross company and experts set-ups.

Remain in time

Access all stakeholder data and information and update your project data on site on the fly on your iPad.

Remain in budget

Save time and money on project management, monitoring and reporting with Prommpt at your fingertips

Gorgeous reporting

Need a report? Produce stakeholder specific reporting with annotations and generate beautiful PDF reports on the fly

Companies risk $135 million for every $1 billion spent on a project due to #collaboration deficits. (PMI)

#Startcollaborating & #Stopfailing Today!

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The Project Collaboration Platform.