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Prommpt Project Management is web based and avialable for iPad. If you are a project manager access to the best App for project management yet. Connect with Jira.
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Project Portfolio Management for your Team

Whatever your Team Size, Prommpt enables Project Collaboration across the Team.

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All your project portfolio and individual project information managed, in one easy to use Web-App.

Secure Collaboration

Securely collaborate across company and stakeholder borders.

Manage budgets

Control and manage expenditures across your entire project.

Manage Key-Experts

Manage all key personnel attached to your project.

Manage time

See and adjust all time sensitive tasks and manage time budgets.

Synchronize tasks

Ensure all participants are in synch on all that matters in your project.

Manage risk

Get early warnings and reduce risks through clear interactive reporting.

Version out now: Connect Prommpt with Jira!

Epics become Milestones in Prommpt

With our current Release you’ll be able to connect your Prommpt projects with Jira Boards. Plan and Track the status of Epics on Prommpt. Execute tickets on Jira. All Synchronized.

Our Mission: Stop Projects from Failing.

#startcollaborating #stopfailing #prommpt

Companies risk $135 million for every $1 billion spent on a project due to #collaboration deficits. (PMI)

Managing a project has never been so effective.

What's Prommpt?

Prommpt is a collaborative Project Management and Planning tool, covering all aspects of collaboration and control in projects – suitable for Building, Construction, Production, IT in any project and in any project organisation. #newwork #collaboration

Why Prommpt

Beause Prommpt gets rid of the frustration in collaborative project management. Built by Projectmanagers fed up with the tools-of-the-trade. Created to #startcollaboration and stop projects from failing.


Companies risk $135 million for every $1 billion spent on a project due to #collaboration deficits. (PMI)

#Startcollaborating & #Stopfailing Today!

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