The Collaborative Project Management Platform

Prommpt is a project management platform which at its core enables true collaboration between all project members and stake holders, whether inhouse or external.

Prommpts’ Mantra is: #Startcollaborating #Stopfailing

Prommpt lives in the cloud. This allows any team to immediately access the power of a collaborative project platform from anywhere, at anytime.

Our ‘no IT’ approach ensures that whatever your working environment may be, you can always access, work on and manage your projects without any CAPEX for internal or external IT. You register to Prommpt, and gain instant access to one of the most powerful tools in Project management and project collaboration available today.

Prommpt, Prommpt Enterprise and Prommpt Pro are all highly scalable, secure and available whenever you need a project collaboration platform.

Prommpt SaaS

The Prommpt Project Collaboration Platform in the Cloud

Prommpt has been build to deliver on the promise of ‘the cloud’: Prommpt is highly available, scaleable and secure and accessible globally.

Any user of Prommpt can securely connect from their iPad or the upcoming desktop version to the Prommpt project collaboration platform in the cloud.

Project data is securely synchronized via the cloud to all project members – wherever they reside. This is specifically valuable in real life project scenarios, where access to internet is problematic or is available only via mobile connections.

The Prommpt iPad App also ensures your connection is secure. When situations occur where project participants are offline for certain periods, their project management changes recorded during these times are synchronized back to the Prommpt project collaboration platform as soon as a connection is available again, with smart decisioning in the process.

Build in Collaboration

Prommpt offers “build-in” collaboration: Any member of a project team automatically is updated on changes in the project. Depending on team member roles and responsibilities, members are alerted that ongoings, changes, issues or time constraints impact their project area and require attention.
True collaboration requires communication and thats why the Prommpt project collaboration platform automates required communications to take place.

Prommpt Professional enhances these capabilities with build in voice, video and chat communication. So you can reach out and speak, chat and video conference with those on-site and off-site whenever the situation requires it.

Prommpt Enterprise

Prommpt Enterprise is the project collaboration platform for enterprise users. While it’s identical in functionality with Prommpt SaaS, Prommpt Enterprise is deployed and maintained on a per customer basis. In this way, additional integrations into intranet or with corporate applications can be realized in a secure manner and according to customer specific scenarios.

Upon request your Prommpt Enterprise project collaboration platform can be branded in your corporate design.

Sample of a rebranded Prommpt for WYG. Visit WYG at https://www.wyg.com/

The Project Collaboration Platform.