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Have you met Prommpt?

Prommpt stands for 'Project Management Monitoring and Planning Tool' and focuses on project management activities beyond what a a Gantt Chart can do. Prommpt as its core function helps users to plan projects in accordance with internationally recognized standards and...

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The Reporting Screen

Project reporting normally is a time consuming task in PM: Prommpt has automated the process of Project Reporting – with a single click you generate a specific report for the audience requirements.

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The Health Screen

The health check is a support tool that allows you to make an assessment based the user’s appreciation of the current status. The health check returns a percentage score that indicates the maturity of planning across the various project dimensions.  Normally a project...

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Earned Value Analysis Screen

One of the first features we have developed for Prommpt was the Earned Value Analysis, which is a great tool to bring budget and expenditure in the context of time and progress. The chart provides you with instant visual feedback on the status of your project and the...

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Stakeholder Screen

Prommpt’s stakeholder management module is based on the widely used power-interest matrix and supports the categorisation of the stakeholders into the profiles shown in the following table. Prommpt allows you to not only categorise a stakeholder into a current...

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Logbook Screen

This is a useful tool to keep track of any issues, decisions or notes. Entries: In this pane you keep all your various issues, decisions and notes logs in one spot. Those items marked with a padlock are private and can only be seen by collaborators with admin rights....

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Incidentals Screen

The incidentals module allows you to keep track of any expenditure not relating to people’s cost, such as contractors, traveling, office and the like. New block: Create a new block as a group of related cost items. Cost items: Within a block you can create as many...

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People Screen

The people module keeps all your team members’ data in one place and provides you with up to date info in their utilisation. People list: In this table you can see all your project team members, their role as well as their position in respect to key expert1, non-key...

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