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The Project Management Office (PMO)

The portfolio and project management capabilities of Prommpt are the perfect resource to a PMO and Prommpt’s collaboration features ensure realtime, seamless and transparent flow of information. This transparency and full-picture information is crucial to keeping...

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Have you met Prommpt?

Prommpt stands for 'Project Management Monitoring and Planning Tool' and focuses on project management activities beyond what a a Gantt Chart can do. Prommpt as its core function helps users to plan projects in accordance with internationally recognized standards and...

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The Milestone Trend Analysis

The Milestone-Trend-Analysis (MTA) is a most effective and clear instrument for the supervision of the project progress and one of the most used "tools" in controlling the project schedule. The MTA enables the project team to visualise if the work corresponding to...

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What is Prommpt?

Prommpt is a synchronised system that allows team members and leaders to plan and monitor multiple projects in a structured and consolidated manner and aggregating information to a portfolio or programme level. In essence, Prommpt aids the project planning process...

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Why less is more

In his famous Post on the IDG Network, Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez convincingly argued for project management where 'less is more'. As a world thought leader in the project management space, Antonio has been consistently working on the how-and-why making projects...

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