If you are like most project managers, you are probably using Excel for most of your project management activities. People tend to use Excel for all sorts of things like tracking budgets and costs, deliverables, issues and discussions, team members, external consultants, contracts and many more things. Often even for creating Gantt charts (can you believe it). It is almost always used for the reporting on progress and the monitoring and controlling of the day-to-day activities. Some excel sheets are pretty simple and are merely a tabulation of information, others are very complex with macros pulling information from other files and an immense amount of sheets are nested in the file. Some Excel files are so complicated that only the creator and a few trained users are able to do anything with them. Very often Excel files are emailed back and forth to whoever needs to work with the contained information, perhaps updated and circulated further. Files are often saved with a new name in order to not accidentally delete or overwrite content from other contributors and you end up with file names like: “Report-final-final-InputJack” etc.. This is a tedious way of exchanging information in these days of age and makes managing a project with a bigger and locally dispersed team not much fun. I bet you know what we are talking about!

There are of course plenty of tools available in the cloud that support collaboration and communication. Even to an extent supporting the planning of projects. But truth is that instead of emailing Jack’s Excel file, it is now uploaded into the cloud collaboration space – but you are still using Excel.

There is a better way…!

We have put all our experience and frustration gained on many international multi-disciplinary and large-scale projects in one pot and created a solution that enables you to plan your projects and keep full control over them across a multitude people and locations. We call it

PROMMPT – Project Management Monitoring and Planning Tool

PROMMPT enables the user to carry out a structured project planning covering all fundamental project dimensions and allows for continuous monitoring and controlling with up-to-date data on the go. It will quickly be your trusted companion for getting instant feedback in the status and maturity of your many projects. Its sharing functionality lets the entire team collaborate in evolving and maturing the project.

With PROMMPT installed on your iPad, you can access and assess the latest project information about cost, people, deliverables, issues and many more dimensions at your finger tips with the real-time input provided by a variety of collaborators. PROMMPT’s synchronisation feature allows your team members to work together on a single platform, notwithstanding whether they come from the same organisation or are locally dispersed.

Our very strong reporting engine enables you to generate reports in pdf format for the project as a whole, only some selected items or even for a group of projects directly from out of PROMMPT. The different team members can provide narrative input from the convenience if their tablet and PROMMPT does the hard work in pulling the data from the various modules. That is what we consider reporting done easy.

Check it out!

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