Prommpt stands for ‘Project Management Monitoring and Planning Tool’ and focuses on project management activities beyond what a a Gantt Chart can do. Prommpt as its core function helps users to plan projects in accordance with internationally recognized standards and then enables them to monitor their project plan effortless on one platform.

Project management always is a team effort, and without efficient collaboration and communication, a project is doomed to fail. #startcollaborating is our mantra and that’s why Prommpt has a powerful SaaS backend, which massively simplifies team and customer collaboration. This is especially helpful when the project team is a remote working or ad-hoc group, with individual members on different locations.

In order to ensure a sound and comprehensive planning base for management, Prommpt features a ‘Project Health Check’ with which the maturity of the planning can be assessed and tracked. This enables the team to focus and direct their attention to the critical aspects of the project, to identify where additional attention may be required.

An important feature for the projects senior management or for those with multiple ongoing projects is that projects can be grouped into portfolios, allowing a quick overview of activities by grouping them by region, country, client, focus, business unit, etc.

There are a lot of benefits in Prommpt based on its centralized Project Platform: If the time schedule of a project is usually planned with MS Project or Primavera, this need not be changed: This is often done by a dedicated planner. The planning results however are then inserted and maintained in Prommpt and shared. Even more so, for many of our users, Prommpt eliminates the need for other programs, specifically when they already have experience with Prommpt in similar projects.

If you like to try Prommpt, visit the App Store from your iPad and download your free version of Prommpt. Here’s the link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/prommpt-enterprise/id1402082441

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