Prommpt is a synchronised system that allows team members and leaders to plan and monitor multiple projects in a structured and consolidated manner and aggregating information to a portfolio or programme level. In essence, Prommpt aids the project planning process across specific project dimensions and graphically presents vital information based on key performance indicators, providing visual project intelligence which allows decision makers to assess the status quo of the projects and portfolios at a glance. 

The various users of Prommpt are able to enter live data on project level that synchronises and updates in real-time, equipping the project team and stakeholders with accurate and up to date information. Prommpt is a modular system covering various essential aspects of the projects, namely:

  • Project summary data: Key information such as project brief, budget, start/end dates, duration, project manager and team etc. are shown in this module.
  • Planning maturity of the implementation framework: Maturity of the dimensions required in order to enhance the successful delivery of projects.
  • Cost and budget tracking: Capturing of project expenditure against budget and planned cash-flow with key performance indicators. This module provides the option of an Earned Value Analysis approach to cost control should it be deemed required for a particular project. 
  • Deliverables tracking: All project deliverables are captured in this module and tracked in terms of performance. Deliverables that are achieved are closed out and proof of performance is captured photographically. 
  • Expert input monitor: A summary of all key and non-key experts required for the execution of specific deliverables of the project with indication of the actual against committed input days.
  • Logging: If required, Prommpt logs notes, events, decisions or the occurrence of issues providing a historic repository of the project progress and challenges. 
  • Portfolio view: Through Prommpt it is possible to aggregate the data of the various projects of a programme or portfolio into a consolidated view indicating the combined key performance data. 
  • Reporting: Generating of specific reports based on the planned and actual data and emailing them in a structured format to selected stakeholders directly out of Prommpt.

With the above, Prommpt would have the key deliverables of a project or programme encoded along with expected expert input days, timeframes and budgets, creating a communication platform for clients and project managers that shows progress against plans at project, programme and portfolio level on an ongoing and live basis. For the staff at the higher levels, Prommpt enables them to have oversight of progress and to have a global perspective of how the project or programme is delivering as a whole. This real-time, synchronised tool generates visual graphics that are easily understood and accessible.