In his famous Post on the IDG Network, Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez convincingly argued for project management where ‘less is more’. As a world thought leader in the project management space, Antonio has been consistently working on the how-and-why making projects successful. Famously, he is quoted “If you are looking to fail, make it a project”. Many of his leading thinking on the subject can be found in his articles on linkedin.

As Prommpt is truly based on similar convictions, we’d like to describe why we think that Prommpt fulfils the relevant thoughts expressed in his lecturing and writing and enables benchmarks for great project management. In the Article on IDG, Antonio mentions the core terms to be defined to enable projects within an organization, and outlines the even more important aspects:

Importance of Criteria

“The second part, which is even more important than the common definition, is to set some clear and objective criteria of what is a project (changing-the-business), and what should be considered as day-to-day activities (or what I call, running-the-business). Here as well there are different theories; yet, I tend to be very pragmatic as often there is no black or white answer in what we do. I recommend defining a set of criteria, such as:

– Size of the project in terms of budget
– Size in terms of duration
– More than 5 FTE
– At least three units/departments impacted
– Linked to a corporate or departmental strategic priority

Those projects that will comply with these criteria have to be managed by professional project managers, using the project management processes, tools and technics, including risk management. They will also require setting up the right governance structure and the monitoring mechanism to ensure the project is well executed.”

The Prommpt application fulfils all the aspects of project management that are relevant to it success in accordance with the requirements formulated by Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez.

Prommpt allows you to maintain your strategic goals in the organization and even look at those overall goals from a wider perspective of a portfolio view, so overall long term goals can be monitored and synchronized.
– Budgets can be set and monitored
– Size in terms of duration set, monitored and controlled
– Participants can coordinate internally or cross company borders with FTE’s involved
– Department heads impacted are granted insight on ongoings and can monitor in real-time.
– Departmental or corporate priority decision making can be managed by creating portfolio oversight.
– Manage risk by maintaining oversight on all relevant metrics across the project.

If you are interested in more learnings and experiences from thought leaders in the space like Antonio Nietro-Rodriguez and others we can only suggest you to visit the above links, where you find more articles and great insights. You can also follow Antonio on twitter. You’ll find his twitter handle here @ANietoRodriguez.

We at Prommpt are great fans and agree: Less is More. #stopfailing